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Posted 2 years ago
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If you have deal flow and want more upside for the work you already do, this is the role for you.


Confluence.VC is building the operating playbook for venture capital investors. We're looking for a syndicate lead to help manage and scale our syndicate.

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The Role

You will:

  • Source deals through building relationships with many of the top VCs in the world. Create and grow the potential investment pipeline via networking within the community / LP base while building your own personal network. If you're looking to build your brand and network within VC, there isn't a better place to do it.
  • Manage pipeline, run investment diligence process from start to finish, and create brief investment memos. Filter and analyze investment pipeline, and deliver effective deal memos for internal and syndicate distribution purposes. While we will be evaluating, executing, and supporting opportunities as a team, your leadership and judgment will be essential to the process.
  • Launch, distribute, and manage live Confluence.VC syndicate opportunities for our community. Engage and support syndicate participants from initiation to closing. This includes LP outreach, Q&A sessions, investor documentation collection and other execution needs.
  • Support and maintain portfolio after syndicate close. Ensure that we are reporting in line with regulations & LP expectations. Providing our investors with a clear view of ongoing performance is a high-priority responsibility. Source and screen prospective operational advisors to grow the business.


The Ideal Candidate


  • Have 2+ years of experience in VC, growth equity, or start-ups. This is not mandatory, but we are looking for somebody who "gets it", as we want you to be autonomous after your first few deals with us.
  • Have an established network or proven ability to network with, founders and builders. Whether this is through direct/related previous experiences, an MBA, or a fellowship; knowing how to navigate and connect in this demographic is crucial.
  • Communicate well and make your point quickly across written and verbal presentations. Clearly-communicated investment opportunities with sound analysis are core to earning the conviction and trust of our LPs.
  • Are highly organized and respectful of other people’s time. Deals happen quickly. Founders are busy and LPs have short attention spans due to the large volume of opportunities that come across their desks. This environment requires prioritization, timely execution of tasks, and hitting deadlines as they come in.
  • Ideate and execute ideas for improving We like ideas but love execution. If you're able to build something from ground level, we'll get along and have fun together!
  • Have experience with financial reporting. Effective and compliant reporting is of the utmost importance for any investment institution. Comfortability here is crucial.

You are a great fit if you:

  • Have led a sourcing or deal team/process. Leadership in syndication is important. If you’ve led a team on the greater investment process or have existing expertise on syndication, you’ll be great at this.
  • Have strong startup business and financial analysis capabilities. The better you can understand the nuts and bolts, the better you can frame the opportunities to investors.
  • Are comfortable with different VC software tools. We primarily use Angel List, Visible VC, Notion, AirTable, Slack, Loom, SubStack, and Zapier. Learning and/or knowing these are a must!
  • Have experience with building platforms and content. Our community of investors wants to hear from us! We'd love to let you spread your wings.
  • Have worked as a manager/leader or been part of a founding team before. While we’re more than happy to get you up to speed, being an effective strategizer and producer independently is essential. Building + operating + selling + creating leverage/scale = gold!


Our Promise to You

  • Truly impactful work. You will be treated as a true partner. Everything you spend time on will directly drive the results and trajectory of the syndicate. The more you put in, the more you’ll receive.
  • An entrance into the “promised land”. If you're looking to break into VC or launch your own syndicate, we've been in your shoes. This role will allow you a seat at the table, and we'll vouch for you when it comes time for you to make your next move.
  • Autonomy and no babysitting. We'll give you all the training that you need, and we'll be clear on how performance is evaluated. We won't babysit you. If you are hired for this role, we trust your ability to get the job done.
  • Competitive compensation. As expected, you will be well compensated for the value and expertise you provide via receiving a share of the economics in each deal we do.
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